Premium Breast Implants at Breast Surgery Specialized Clinic

Every woman does want to have beautiful breast right? That moment when you look at your saggy and small breast at the mirror, after giving birth or the moment when you're envying other woman for wearing bikini or tight clothes. Now you don't have to be sad or envy anymore. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, the breast surgery specialized clinic, is here to help you out from your breast problem through the popular breast surgery, now, with better, premium breast implants.

Premium Breast Implants at Breast Surgery Specialized Clinic

Premium breast implants which are very popular lately. Motiva and Microthane, have more advantages than the previous implants like Smooth or Textured implants, resulting more natural result with more flexibility and the most important is that both Motiva and Microthane have a very low risk of capsular contracture rate which means safe to be used. Will it lasts longer? Yes of course. The implants can stay longer for up to about 10 years after the implantation.

For Motiva, the premium breast implants at breast surgery specialized clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, it has the soft feeling just like silk and velvet as its characteristic and it follows the gravity which resulting a natural movement of breast. It'll even make you forget that you had surgery before. It will create a natural teardrop shape when you're at standing position and naturally following along when you're laying on your back.

Premium Breast Implants at Breast Surgery Specialized Clinic

Bluseal on Motiva is preventing the diffusion of implant' gel to the body which means the risk of capsular contracture also can be reduced significantly by keeping the gel bleed to the minimum. Just like Microthane. Microthane at the breast surgery specialized clinic has been confirmed the significant reduction of the risk for capsular contracture for up to 10 years after implantation. The statistic demonstrate that after 8 years the capsular contracture rate compare to Textured implants is 15% lower even 30% lower than Smooth implants.

Microthane also has been through some medical test like Fatigue Test, Static Rupture Test and Impact Test. The result is that the implant is very safe and strong for it's made of 5 layers. It's also proven to be strong against outside impact. The tissue fixation and the highly cross-linked silicone gel provides a natural feeling to the breast. Implant dislocation and rotation are not detected. Microthane is also good to be used for breast reconstruction.

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  1. All breast implants of every shape, size, filler, projection, shell type and manufacturer have their own set of pros and cons. The saline implant Mumbai gives a natural look and feel to the breast.


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