Rhinoplasty Materials For Succesful Korean Plastic Surgery

Nose is the center of our face so that people want to have good nose that can gives good impact for their appearance. That's why people are ought to have Korean plastic surgery, especially nose surgery / nose job, or what we called by rhinoplasty. But still, people are worried if the implant is too high, if the height is too high or too low, etc. Don't worry, because Korean rhinoplasty specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, promises to use only a safe and stable implants that have been approved and can last for a long time.

Rhinoplasty Materials For Succesfull Korean Plastic Surgery

The most important thing to bring you to the successful surgery is the step of choosing the right implant type and size depends on your condition as everyone has their own nose bone size and different skin tissue as well. It's even better to compare the advantages and the disadvantages of each implant type, and so you can finally choose the best one. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, promises to perform safe Korean plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, with the suitable nose implant which is chosen after thorough examinations and consultation with the customer. 

There are three types of nose implants that usually used for rhinoplasty or nose surgery; silicone, gore-tex and silitex which is the combination of the two types.

Rhinoplasty Materials For Succesfull Korean Plastic Surgery

First one is silicone. This type is the mostly used implants for its safety certified with abundant clinical data. One of the reason why silicone is used for this Korean plastic surgery is that shape deformation and/or absorption rarely occurs even after a long time. With this implant, you can make a pointy nose shape with good support power as well as the ideal nose shape by finely curving it. 

Rhinoplasty Materials For Succesfull Korean Plastic Surgery

Second is gore-tex, it is suitable to use on thin skin and smoother than silicone so it's creating more natural look. There are micro holes on implant thus provides good adhesion with surrounding tissue and skin. 

Rhinoplasty Materials For Succesfull Korean Plastic Surgery

Last would be silitex, the combination of silicone and gore-tex. It has the advantages of the two combined together also has low infection occurrence rate since it rarely deforms in the body to cause irritation reaction. Men with moderate or thin skin would be good to use this type of implant.

The word of implant is familiar if we're talking about Korean plastic surgery right? Not only for rhinoplasty, implant also used for face contour and breast surgery as well. Then how about autologous tissue? Autologous tissue is the tissue collected from individual's own body. It has the advantages of low infection rate and it's providing natural shape. This material is chosen by people who are worried about the problems of using implants such as hardness of nose or getting thinner skin. For Korean plastic surgery, it's usually used on nose tip but it actually plays very important role in result of surgery. What's included as autologous tissues are septum cartilage, ear cartilage, rib cartilage, autologous skin, autologous fat and autologous fascia. 

More about autologous tissue, as well as the rest two materials used for rhinoplasty, artificial tissue and filler, will be explained in the next post!

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