Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Specialized Hospital?

We once posted about Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery procedure before and we'll talk about the Korean eye plastic surgery specialized hospital now. You don't have to worry where to find the specialized hospital for this procedure because, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is the answer. A lot of people shared their stories about having Korean eye plastic surgery at Wonjin and they're satisfied with the result! From double eyelid surgery, eyelid revision surgery, love band, dark circle, the Korean eye plastic surgery specialized hospital, Wonjin, provides you with the full service and personalized care system using the finest technique which is obviously safe and gives the best effect.

But first, have you heard of wonderful eye's golden ratio? Not just the size that is important but also the proportion of the face that appears most natural and beautiful. Here is the golden ratio of eyes created at Korean eye plastic surgery specialized hospital, Wonjin.

The ideal eye will have symmetrical lengths as well as the length between both eyes. The length ranges from 30 to 34mm long.

The inner corner of the eyes should make a vertical line with the sides of the nose while the outer corners of the eyes should make a diagonal line with the corresponding nose side.

Last, the outer corners of the eyes should be slightly raised in relation to the eyes being on a level plane.

Korean eye plastic surgery precautions:
-Medicines that interfere with blood circulation (birth control, hormonal medicine, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) should not be taken for at least 2 weeks before surgery. If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, are getting thyroid treatment, please tell the consultant and doctor before surgery.
-Smoking can affect saliva, sneezing, and also cause bleeding after surgery. It is strongly recommended to stop smoking for at least 3 days before surgery. Furthermore, on the day of surgery if you have a bad cold and difficulty breathing, please inform the consultant and doctor before surgery.
-On the day of surgery it is recommended to carefully wash your entire body with soap. Contact lenses, jewelry, accessories, manicure, makeup can interfere with the surgery and should be removed before arriving to the clinic. 
-Fasting, including water, gum, candy, and anything else that can be eaten should be done 4 hours before surgery (8 hours if the procedure requires anesthesia).
-You should wear comfortable clothes that will not aggravate the surgical areas (please wear button-down shirts), mask, scarf, hat, sunglasses, and etc. should also be prepared. After surgery it may be difficult to drive, therefore it is recommended to have a guardian accompany you to the clinic. 

-For one or two days after surgery, swelling and bruising can remain, these will go away in time. When sleeping, lowering the head sleeping
face down is prohibited. 2-3 comfortable pillows placed on the back when sleeping, aids in comfortable swelling and pain reduction.
-Excessive tears from crying, excessive rubbing of the eyes, and tightly closing the eyes is prohibited. You can start to apply light eye makeup 1 week after surgery.
-After surgery, conjunctiva bleeding eye mucus can get stuck in the eye causing momentary blurry vision. However, this will quickly pass and return to normal.
-Smoking and drinking is prohibited for 4 weeks.
-Contact lenses should not be used for at least 3 weeks, in the meantime wear glasses or sunglasses.

After surgery, complications such as bleeding, infections, and inflammation may occur.

So how about your eyes? Do your eyes have those criteria already? If you haven't, it's okay! Here is the chance for you to get prettier, bigger, and the most important, beautiful eyes that match with the golden ratio. 
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