Korean Celebrities Eye Plastic Surgery - Dark Circle

Korean celebrities are very popular since few years ago. There's nobody who doesn't know them, especially KPOP. Yes, KPOP idols are really popular these days. From head to toe, people, in this case, KPOP fans would imitate their fashion, their make-up including Korean celebrities face contouring, their style, they would buy what their idols wear, what kind of phone case their idols use, what brand of make-up they use, even following their Korean celebrities doing a plastic surgery. And the most common one is Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery.

What comes into your mind if we talk about Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery? Double eyelid surgery? Love band surgery? There are many types of eye plastic surgery available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea. One of them is Dark Circle Surgery.

Do people like dark circle under their eyes? NO! People with dark circle under their eyes usually have nickname like panda eyes, black eyes, etc. They would try and try to get rid of this dark circle. Same situation as our Korean celebrities. Many of them have the same problem and the fastest yet best way to get it away is by doing Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery, in this case dark circle surgery. What is dark circle exactly? Well, we can say that dark circle is the usual culprit for dark bag under the eyes. They can make you look older and fatigued. And sometimes dark circle can get severe enough that you will need a surgery. This dark circle surgery is recommended for those with tired looking eyes or appear fatigued or sick due to the dark circle. For some people, their dark circle won't be erased even after they put concealer on. Those people also encouraged to have this Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery.

There are several causes for dark circle; the bone underneath eyes, pigmentation discoloration, and fat underneath eyes. The best Korean plastic surgery, Wonjin Plastic Surgery chooses the right surgery for specific causes through consultation with the patient first.

Cause 1: the bone underneath eyes
This bone, that we called as sunken bone, makes it appear like a shadow which is formed under eyes. This kind of situation can be corrected by inserting filler or fat injection (fat grafting). This Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery is performed to provide more veolume to the area under eyes and create a smoother look which will eliminate the dark circle.
Cause 2: pigmentation discoloration
Skin, in this case the ones under eyes, can appear to be darker due to pigmentation. This case can be corrected simply with fat removal (also known as eye bag surgery) and micro fat grafting.
Cause 3: fat underneath eyes
Just like what it says, people with this case only need fat removal or eye bag surgery. The surgery through conjuctiva leave no scar which makes it possible to wear make-up or wash your face really soon. This way, you can also go back to daily activity in no time. The sagging skin left, can be corrected with a lower blepharoplasty.

See the before and after photo of Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery below!

korean celebrities eye plastic surgery wonjin

So, how about you? Are you one of those who want to try Korean celebrities eye plastic surgery?

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