Korean Eye Plastic Surgery - Eyelid Revision

A beautiful eye is not always about the size. Eye will appear the most beautiful when it snugly fits the proportion of the face. How about yours? Want to try Korean eye plastic surgery that is popular these days? What kind of eye that can be seen as an ideal eye? The eyes have symmetrical eye lengths as wel as length between eyes. This length ranges from 30 to 34mm. The inner corner of the eyes should make a vertical line with the sides of the nose. The outer corners of eyes also should ake a diagonal line with the corresponding nose aside. It should be slightly raised in relation to the eyes being on a level plane.

One of the methods to get those kind of eyes is by having an eyelid surgery. Like has been said before, double eyelid surgery is the most popular Korean eye plastic surgery to be done beside love band (aegyo sal) surgery, especially here in Korea. Even people who want to be a celebrity included to the list who have done this eye surgery. Many places offer various package with many advantages as rewards, but, do they offer the best services? What if the eyelid plastic surgery which known as the most simple one, not properly done?

An eyelid revision might be needed to revise it. An experienced surgeon is recommended to do this surgery so that another revision surgery won't be needed anymore in the future. The best Korean eye plastic surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is capable to do such a procedure with more than 40 experienced surgeon and experience more than 19 years. 

Besides for those who have the not-proper-done eyelid surgery, eyelid revision is also appropriate for thos who want to change the line hight and width of their eyelid. Despite of beauty reason, eyelid revision also can be done due to have a scar or swell on eyes. And last, for those who have asymmetric eyes and want to have symmetric and balance eyes for both sides.

There are some types of eyelid revision which has different surgery times for every part.

Scars are big or noticeable
If there is excess skin on the eyelid, unnecessary parts can be removed. (However, depending on individual skin type, revision surgery can be difficult).

Puffy and swollen eyelids (sausage line)
Double eyelid lines that are excessively designed can be corrected by removing fats and skin. This creates a more satisfactory and natural look.

Asymmetry in eyes
Sometimes one of the double eyelids can come undone. Revision surgery is required to correct this asymmetry.

Unsatisfactory eyelid line
This revision deals with unsatisfactory eyelid lines, for whatever the reason. Wonjin provides thorough consultation to give the patient the most natural and beautiful eyelid line.

It's good that this surgery doesn't require hospitalization and mostly it needs 2 to 7 days to remove the stitch whereas you can back to your daily activity right after the stitch is removed. So when is the right time to do an eyelid revision? Wonjin recommends you to have this surgery 6 months after the first surgery at least. Why? After the surgery, you will need time to recover from swelling and the exact result is more likely to appear after 5 to 6 months after the surgery. After the swelling disappear, and you don't like with the result, that's the right time to think about getting an eyelid revision.

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