Korean Celebrities Face Contouring – Two Jaw Surgery

Having a small face sometimes creates cute and lively images among celebrities. No wonder that young people especially girls in their 10s also want to have small face as well. Wonjin Plastic Surgery, the best Korean face contour clinic, is chosen by them who want be touched to upgrade their looks, including Korean celebrities. In this case, face contour is not about make-up but more likely about face shape.

There are many ways to get perfect v-line as they want. From a simple and traditional treatment to surgery are available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. One of the best ways is to get a face contour surgery. Two jaw surgery, corrective orthodontics after surgery, square jaw reduction, cheekbone reduction, chin surgery, forehead augmentation, and jaw revision.

Let’s take a look at what kind of face that can be seen as an ideal facial structure?

Facial width is small and slender

Ideal jaw length should be in a ratio of 0.8:1, with 1 being the horizontal forehead length above the eyebrows

The chin is short and slim

The line from the nose tip extending to the tip of the chin is called a ‘beauty line.’ Using this line as a reference the lower lip should be 2mm lower than the upper lip

The center of the nose bridge should be in a vertical line with the upper lip

The ideal angle made between the horizontal line and the line formed from touching the upper/lower lip should be 75~80 degrees

Wonjin Plastic Surgery is known for its experience for more than 19 years, so that people are coming from all over the world to have a Korean Celebrities Face Contouring. Two jaw surgery is one of the popular surgeries chosen by them.

But... what is two jaw surgery?
Usually someone with an advanced jaw line has their cheekbone protrude as well. In this case, normal square jaw or cheekbone reduction surgery alone is not enough to provide slimming effects. Wonjins total maxillofacial (two jaw) or face contour surgery not only deals with slimming the face contouring but creates slender jaw line reduction and a youthful appearance.After accurate data is collected through consultation from a maxillofacial surgeon, surgery is performed in sterilized surgery rooms with the safest precautions. A two jaw care unit is also available to aid in postoperation care. With two jaw surgery, not only that you can have small and slender chin line just like Korean celebrities, but you also will get well defined features including a youthful appearance and natural improvements. 

See the before & after photo below!

Korean Celebrities Face Contouring – Two Jaw Surgery Wonjin

Having a perfect v-line is not a dream anymore! You don't have it? Then make it! Why don't you come to Wonjin Plastic Surgery and have a Korean Celebrities Face Contouring as well?

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