Korean Best Eye Plastic Surgery - Love Band (Aegyo Sal)

Korean Best Eye Plastic Surgery - Love Band Wonjin

Most women take a special treatment every morning and night to hide their eye bags. But not for Korean people. They would do anything to make sure their love band (aegyo sal) can be seen. If having eye bags under your eye can make you look sleepy and older, aegyo sal exists to make you look younger and cute. But.. what is actually aegyo sal is?

Aegyo sal is basically a plump areas under eyes which can give a cute and youthul look into your face. Many foreign tourists come to Korea to have this 'aegyo sal' as they saw that most Korean, including their favorites idols, singers, or actors also have this thing under their eyes. Although aegyo sal is small, it can brighten your entire facial appearance, that's why a well-experienced surgeon is required to design it matching to your unique features and get your satisfactory result. And Korean best eye plastic surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery, is here to help you to have them through filler or injection.

Different with eye bags that caused of lacking of sleep, aegyo sal is basically made to hide the dark circle that appears from the same reason, lacking of sleep. If eye bags can make you look like a panda, aegyo sal will make you look younger and make your eyes look more sparkling and bigger.

There are two methods to have this aegyo sal in Korean best eye plastic surgery clinic, Wonjin; first is using a filler injection. using a filler injection is easy, leaves no scar and allows you to return to your daily activity instntly. If you are not satisfied with the result of filler injection, you can reverse the effects using a counteragent. The aegyo sal made through this method will last at least up to 1 year. The second one is pure fat injection where you will use your own fat that has been purified. This will create a similar effect with the filler injection. Aegyo sal made through this method also will last for about 1 year.

Aegyo sal treatment at Wonjin, Korean best eye plastic surgery, is appropriate for those who wish to appear younger through a simple procedure. It will take 10 minutes only for filler injection and 30 minutes for pure fat injection. Little amount of time and you will be able to see the result immediately. Also recommended for people who have sunken area under their eyes which makes you look older, it can help you look younger! The wrinkles under eyes also can be reduced throug this treatment.

Here is one of the example of before & after (3 months) after the treatment.

Korean Best Eye Plastic Surgery - Love Band Wonjin

Say no to eye bags, say yes to aegyo sal!

Why don't you try it by yourself? Aging doesn't mean you can't loook younger, right?
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