Korean Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgery for Men

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) for Men?
Why not?

Most people thought that plastic surgery is only for woman and related to cosmetic but as time goes by, plastic surgery applies to all people regardless sex and age, whether it’s for beauty or health.

Before, most men would never let anyone took them to the beauty clinic but recently, they came to the clinic by themselves! And Wonjin is one of the clinics they choose to have touched at.

korean best rhinoplasty wonjinkorean best rhinoplasty wonjin

                                                  before                                                             after 3 months

As the best plastic surgery clinic located in Seoul, Korea, Wonjin offers many kinds of plastic surgeries, from eyes, nose, breast, and face contour even body contour. Besides, Wonjin also provides many medical beauty treatments. Recently, demand to have a nose surgery or usually to be called rhinoplasty, is increasing even surpassing the demand of eyes surgery.

Here in Wonjin, there are several kinds of rhinoplasties to be chosen depends on your need.
Nose Tip Correction, Blunt Tip Correction, Curved Nose Rhinoplasty, Nostril Reduction, Wide Nose Bridge, Dorsal Augmentation, Nose Extension, and Nose Revision. 

Most men come to plastic surgery clinic to have their nose straightened as they’ll seen more charismatic and masculine if they have perfect straight nose from the middle to the end. That makes Curved Nose Surgery as the most rhinoplasty done by men.

What is curved nose? Curved nose means the nose is curved to one side. Physical ailments such as nasal obstruction, chronic headaches and other related nasal ailments can occur due to this cured nose. Yes, having a curved nose rhinoplasty not only aiming for a beauty reason but healthy reason as well. For you who have the kind of problem, don’t worry, Wonjin is here, works in coorperation with an in-house ear, nose and throat expert to get the best result for rhinoplasty.

korean best rhinoplasty wonjin

This curved nose rhinoplasty is recommended for those who have a nose that looks off-center; it will have your nose straightened. For those who have crooked appearing nostrils and/or have an implant that has curved or deviated are also appropriate to have this surgery. And last, for people who suffer from nasal related ailments.

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