Your Image Becoming Softer With Korean Eye Plastic Surgery

Believe it or not, the eyes can be the most important part of appearance. Just a few changes in the eyes can make a different image. This is also one reason why many people do Korean eye plastic surgery.

The tip of the eye is one of the points that can change one's appearance. Someone who has a rising edge will create an arrogant and arrogant impression. Whereas people who have the tip of their eyes down can give the impression of being tired and sleepy.

All the problems at the end of this eye can be overcome through Korean eye plastic surgery. Not only can the double eyelids be produced through Wonjin's eye surgery. Wonjin's eye plastic surgery clinic also performs surgery to open or decrease the back of the eye.

To get rid of the rising edge of the eye which can give an arrogant effect, back drop surgery is often done. The operation of lowering the back corner of the eye by a Korean eye plastic surgery clinic can make the eyes soft and friendly by adjusting the back corner of the eye.

This procedure is usually performed by opening the striped eye to extend the eyes horizontally and vertically at once. Besides being able to eliminate the arrogant and arrogant impression, Korean eye plastic surgery is suitable for the case:

- Have narrow eyes
- Does not have a significant eye elongation effect after opening the eyes
- Has a small distance between the eyes, unable to carry out opening operations in front of the eye
- Having unbalanced eyes
- Having a small exposure to the sclera (the whites of the eyes) makes the eyes look like crossed eyes

In Wonjin's plastic surgery clinic, the method of opening the back of his eye is done by removing the tissue that makes the cut skin stick back. Slashed skin often sticks back in the healing process. But exclusively only in Wonjin plastic surgery clinics with more than 20 years of experience that can prevent such deficiencies.