You Can Reduce Korea Breast Surgery Risk If You Know This!

Among the many areas that represent the beauty of women, the breast is a region that gives a high percentage of confidence. Asians are generally smaller than their Western counterparts, but women are increasingly preferring breast like westerners, and many women who are considering breast augmentation have to pay attention. 

Q. Is it better to have Korea breast surgery in winter?
A. Korea breast surgery is most often done underarm or under the breast. Because of this, there is a problem in the winter when there is a problem in the high humidity season that can cause irritation or pain. In addition, the time when the touch of the breastbecomes natural is about 6 months, and after Korea breast surgery, the scar can take a lot of time anytime.

Q. Can I breast-feed after Korea breast surgery?
A. Since breast tissue is inflated and contracted for breastfeeding from the top of breast implant, there is no big problem in breastfeeding after breast formation. However, the breasts are swollen to feed. Repetitive shrinking may cause the breast to lose its elasticity. This phenomenon can occur naturally without the need for Korea breast surgery, and breastfeeding period can be overly long as the elasticity of the breast may fall, so it is best to finish within 3 months of breastfeeding. That way, you can prevent some of the breastelasticity from decreasing.

Q. What other precautions do you have?
A. It is important to have safe working time because it is safe during Korea breast surgery. It is recommended that you have sufficient time for consultation based on your trust with your specialist and check the safety facilities of the hospital. In addition, since Korea breast surgery is a high-level surgery, it is possible to prevent accidents and accidents by conducting surgeries after a sufficient preliminary investigation, such as whether the physical condition and physical condition of the patient is well-known,