Post Surgery Treatment Care for Korean Face Contouring

Choosing a place of operation is just as important as carrying out a Korean face contouring post surgery treatment, because by not doing proper treatment the postoperative condition can become infected and cause other discomfort.

During the operation, each patient has 1 manager who always monitors the patient's condition in detail until the operation is complete. This manager can help patients experience complaints or have questions. Especially for Indonesian patients, the manager has been prepared who can speak Indonesian to provide comfort in communication.

Drugs that are still required to be drunk and must be routine to drink, the drugs given are based on the dosage of each body condition of each patient so that the patient cannot exchange prescriptions with friends even if they do surgery and "forget" taking medicine is very not recommended because each drug has its own designation to reduce infection in the inner area. Patients can request a painkiller if they feel that the condition of pain is no longer bearable.

The recovery period spends the wrong time like going to a salon with curling or coloring hair is wrong and is not permitted for at least 2 ~ 3 months, because the initial postoperative condition of the Korean face contouring has a general swelling and the condition of curly drugs or hair coloring can worsen which exists.

The face is required to dry because it does not do facial washing or shampooing, while for several days at the beginning of up to 3 days, washing your face after that must be considered the water is quickly dried gently without having to roughen or press hard on the operation. Wet conditions on the face can invite infections and other discomforts, while shampooing can be done with the help of people without having to bow their faces which is fatal with facial blood circulation. After shampooing, immediately dry with a hair dryer that emits cool air instead of hot air that can get on the results of the operation.

Other conditions such as prohibiting saunas, drinking alcoholic beverages, getting hit and also how to sleep that is not allowed to tilt or push down the operating area are not permitted. Keep the pillow fixed with several piles that ensure a higher head position than the body and a pillow to support the body so that it doesn't tilt right or left.

With proper treatment of the Korean face contouring, the results are more maximal and without having to go through a period of discomfort at all.