Multi Canthoplasty, Upgrade Your Eyes Through Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

Multi Canthoplasty is a combination of front and back Canthoplasty surgery that widens the length of the eye and a 'lowering of the eye's tail' that lowers the direction of the eye's tail. When you smile because of the tangled eyes, your eyes are bent and you have charming and lovely eyes. In addition, the entire image of the dongle dongle is given to give a look impression.

In addition to the case where the eyes are bruised, the width of the eyes is narrow, and the eyes are close to each other and the eyes are close to each other. The horizontal width and the vertical width of the eyes are widened together, so that a smooth impression of the "half-moon" eyes can be obtained.

Common triceps surgery can cut scars on the skin of the eyebrows, which can lead to reattachment of the surgical site. However, multi-triceps surgery is incision in the eye, so there is less scarring, and removal of the mucous membrane leading to the incision is less likely to cause recurrence.

Designs to find the ratio that matches the eyes of the individual before surgery. Then, the inside of the eye is incised, the outer part of the eye is peeled off, and the muscle is pulled and fixed. Finally, the conjunctival suture is closed and finished.

As the angle of the trim is important, it is better to have an experienced specialist to undergo surgery, and if you have double eyelid surgery, you can get better results.