New Korean Breast Surgery Using Mentor Memory Gel Xtra Implants

Korean women have a smaller chest area than other foreigners. Even if the breast is small, there are implants that can save volume enriching. Mentor Memory Gel Xtra Breast Implants for Korean breast surgery are precise filling technology that adjusts the amount of silicone gel to give a natural shape to the individual's body shape and taste with a soft touch.

It is better to have surgery if you want to feel naturalness to the movement of touch and shape, if you need reconstructive surgery due to surgery side effects, or if you are suffering from rectal constriction. Mentor Memory Gel Xtra features are smooth smooth type and stable micro texture type. Smooth type is smooth surface, movement and texture after the procedure is natural. The micro-textured surface is uniform and micro-textured, allowing stable positioning after the procedure.

Korean breast surgery's incision site is divided into several area. First, underarm incision method is a method of incising the corrugated area inside the underarm through the endoscope about 3 cm. Because the operation is performed using an endoscope, there is little bookkeeping and pain, and the scar is not conspicuous.

Second, is the method of 1.5cm incision along the underside of the areola. Because scars are almost invisible and can move freely, they are mostly preferred by models and entertainers.

The incision under the breast is a method of inserting the implant by cutting the fold under the breast line. Scars may look a bit bigger, but they are useful when making the volume of the chest larger.

The umbilical incision method is to incise the umbilicus, to secure the passage to the chest, and then to insert the implant. If the distance between the nipple and the undersurface of the breast is too short, it is not possible to lower the underline sufficiently.