Forehead Implant Surgery, Korea Face Contouring That Makes You More Confident

This is a surgical procedure that uses implant to create a feeling of volume if the forehead is low or there is a receding. The forehead implant surgery not only makes the middle part of the forehead convex, but also takes into account the lines leading to the forehead, cheekbone, nose, and chin, and creates the face while maintaining the overall three-dimensional effect of the face.

If your forehead is bumpy or bony, if your forehead is flat or bouncing off and your impression is dull, if your forehead is narrow, if your eyebrow bone protrudes and your forehead appears to be off, you may want to have an operation on the forehead implant.

The forehead implants surgery cuts through the scalp to remove the forehead bone, skin cartilage, and periosteal, creating a space for implant to be inserted. After sterilizing the silicone implant, insert it directly over the forehead bone and carefully suture the hairline incision to avoid scarring.

In case of an incision in the mouth during surgery, the mouth must be kept clean by gargling after meals to prevent inflammation or infection of the mouth. It is recommended to eat soft food for 7 days after the forehead implant surgery, and you can have a normal meal after that. However, it is recommended to avoid hard and tough foods for about four weeks.

Do not lower your head or lower your face while sleeping. Sleeping with 2 to 3 soft abdomen helps to relieve swelling and pain. During the postoperative recovery period, it is recommended to be careful of shock, and drinking and smoking are slow to heal wounds, and, if necessary, at least four weeks later.

The forehead implant surgery can get a face while the forehead volume is restored without major surgery. Usually, if the forehead is narrow and sunk, it has a strong and masculine image, and if you look at the volume of the forehead where the face starts, the three-dimensional texture of the face will be restored and the facial features will look clearer.

The surgery is not long for about 30 minutes, so you can have a smooth daily routine with less swelling. Instead of plastic implants, they are used by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) to produce a 1:1 customized implant that fits the shape of individual foreheads. The implant preparation measures the ideal forehead volume through sufficient consultation before surgery and plans the surgery.

After covering the liquid plaster from the nose to the back of the hairline, the plaster is finely trimmed to form a plaster frame, and a safe implant is made from silicone licensed by the Korea Food and Drug Administration.