Lack Volume Of Cheekbone Can Makes You Look Older

If the side cheekbone is developed, it can be seen as a strong impression and a rugged face type. If the volume in the front cheekbone is too small, the face may become bigger or it may look like a presbyopic face due to lack of three dimensional feeling.

In the past, it was simply the size of the entire face and the zygomatic bones that are focused on reducing the volume, rather than the front cheekbone was even out, but there was a limit to save the three-dimensional feeling. 

In recent years, however, when viewed from the front and side at an angle of 45 degrees, the 3D cheekbone can be achieved with a natural bend, and the front cheekbone can balance with the side gauge. If you save the volume in the front cheekbone, the face width will be reduced, so it will give a more stereotypical and less visible effect, helping you to see your eyes and nose relatively bigger.

Anterior catamenial implantation is performed by implants, fat grafts, and fillers. Fillers are simple and quick to use for those who are in need of restoration or stress relief, but they have a drawback.

Autologous fat transplantation is more beneficial to people who are not severely deafened or sagging, and because they use autologous tissue, they are characterized by the ability to make volume without natural reaction. 

On the other hand, implantation is an appropriate surgical procedure when facial contouring is performed, and when the face is flat and aged. Since the implant is inserted, one operation can provide a semi-permanent help. We use personalized implants and do not have to worry about scars because the external incision is not exposed by mouth opening.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery focuses on improving the perfection of results through thorough mock surgery by measuring the facial bone structure, post-operative, and facial bone movements with 4D precision diagnosis system such as 3D-CT and virtual surgery prediction program .

Wonjin Plastic Surgery said, “Currently, more and more people are seeking implant surgery that can provide semi-permanent help while saving natural volume feeling. However, considering the individual skin thickness and face skeleton, It is desirable to apply appropriate surgical procedures according to the individual’s condition through pre-examination.”