Asymmetry Eye Plastic Surgery in Korea

Everyone has a slight asymmetry and is often called a “asymmetry eyes” if the difference between both eyes is noticeably severe. It can make the balance of the whole face collapse, it can give a somewhat frustrating impression.

Since ‘eye’ is the first visible part of a person’s face, it is also an important factor in determining the first impression. If the face is symmetrical, it can give a good impression by giving more sense of stability.

If the width of the eyes is asymmetrical and the bangs of the eyes are covered with Mongolian wrinkles and the eyes are totally frustrated, the length of the eyes is symmetrical with the front and back sides so that they can produce a deeper but longer eye. However, in case of ptosis correction, eyelids are raised and corrected by using tweezers to achieve symmetry of both eyes.

Ptosis correction is divided into two methods: incision correction and non-incision correction. The first incision correction method is a method of correcting the eyes by making an incision line on the skin. It is suitable for the case where the skin is thick or has a lot of fat and there is ptosis.

On the other hand, the second non-incision correction is a method of adjusting the eyelids and muscles through fine holes without incision. It is suitable for thin skin of the eyelids, has relatively few scars and swelling, Even if the height of the asymmetrical double eyelid surgery is progressing, you can get better satisfaction by calibrating through the front and back.

Since the asymmetry of the eye is caused by various causes, it is advisable to consult with a professional medical staff who has a lot of experience in eye formation, to check the condition of the eye of the patient and to carry out the operation with the correct operation.

Because the cause of the double eyelid is very diverse, it is of utmost importance to find the cause and apply the appropriate surgical method. In general, if there is double eyelid only on one side, it can be corrected by simple double eyelid surgery, but the force of both eye muscles is different, so it will need ptosis correction.