Square Jaw Reduction Surgery, From Angular to Harmonious Face

A square jaw means that the lower jaw is large in size and angled so that the face looks like a square, especially because of the angular bone under the ear, which makes the face look bigger than it really is. In this case, a square jaw reduction surgery can remove the angular chin and reduce the width of the front jaw to produce a lean V-line.

If the chin is wide and round, the lower jaw line is flat, if the chin is longer than the average, or if the sides appear to be angled, you can take the balance of the face and make a natural V-line by using the curve from the side chin to the tip of the chin.

And the cause of this square jaw can be excessive jaw bone development, jaw muscle development, and thick subcutaneous fat, so it's a good idea to figure out how to operate.

There is a lower jaw surgery. It is an operation to make the jawbone lean by using an ablation of the chin bone under the ear. The cortical fracture surgery is a surgery to reduce the thickness of the jawbone to increase the straightening effect of the jawbone. If you remove only one of the outermost layers of the bone, the width of the jaw is reduced to narrower.

If you have a lot of fat in your cheeks, you can do the removal of the core ball fat during a square jaw control, which is effective by reducing bone and muscles as well as reducing the face mass.

And T fracture is an operation that's applied in the event that the chin is broad and large from the front, and it's done to make the entire face look slim and chic.