Self Korea Two Jaw Surgery? Is It Possible?

Nowadays, more and more people are wishing for Korea two jaw surgery for aesthetic improvement. However, you should keep in mind that it is a good idea to perform when the original purpose is malfunctioning, such as malocclusion or facial asymmetry. In comparison with the past, the era has developed a lot, and the self Korea two jaw surgery has also developed. Did you know that?

Unlike the past, there is also a self-operated mini-surgery these days. It is hard to know what it feels like when you say only words like this. In a nutshell, the fixation method has changed from the past. If so, let’s find out how self Korea two jaw surgery, how it has changed, and what is good. Self Korea two jaw surgery is a method of changing the fixation method in conventional Korea two jaw surgery.

In general, Korea two jaw surgery is a method of correcting the upper jaw called the upper jaw and the lower jaw called the lower jaw, both of which are osteotomized. After that, the bone is usually fixed completely or fixed in advance we used the non-fixed method which does not go through the delicate progress and fixes but there are disadvantages to each.

Self Korea two jaw surgery is carried out by adopting a self-governing system that complements the disadvantages of the two methods~! So what were the existing methods? First of all, in the case of complete fixation, when the development of the era was insufficient, most of the patients had to undergo surgery after using the wire or band for a certain period of time. This is where the upper jaw and the lower jaw are tied together so that the upper jaw and lower jaw can be positioned well after the amusement.

However, there were many people who complained about this problem because they tied up the upper and lower jaws, which could cause problems such as breathing and food intake. So nowadays, we do not prefer this method, but more and more people prefer non-fixed. So, what are the characteristics of immobilization? It is a method that does not make an intensive interlaboratory appointment, but it is very difficult because the operation plan must be detailed and careful, and the completion of surgery should be high.

It has the advantage of easy breathing, food intake, and oral care. As mentioned before, the plan must be detailed and difficult. If you do not get it from experienced and skilled specialists, you are also more likely to have side effects or fail. The combination of these two strengths is the cell. This method is made by combining the two advantages of complete fixation safety and convenience without limitation. It is fixed to two places by using the elastic band after the operation of Korea two jaw surgery so that the movement is free, and the jaw is stably attached to the normal position.

Therefore, the jaws can move freely, prevent joints and recurrences, apply to facial asymmetry, or to the chief of all amputees. However, it does not mean that it is unconditionally insisted on only one way, but it is good to proceed according to the condition of individual patient according to the appropriate method. Self Korea two jaw surgery is also called ‘three-dimensional plastic surgery’. In the case of normal facial contouring, it is called a 2D procedure because it corrects the forehead, clown, and square jaw line.

On the other hand, the self Korea two jaw surgery can fine-tune the angle and position of the jaw as well as the whole face line. It is called “three-dimensional plastic surgery” because the volume and three-dimensional feeling can be changed in three dimensions. By performing self Korea two jaw surgery , the angle of the upper and lower jaws is finely adjusted so that the angle of the line from the nose tip to the tip of the jaw straight from the tip of the jaw to the three-dimensional view can be adjusted, and the length of the mid.

Although self Korea two jaw surgery has many advantages, it is difficult to see the face bone directly and move it. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to an experienced and skilled specialist and then proceed in the right way for yourself.