Correcting ‘Too Big’ Breast, Breast Reduction

Nowadays, the number of women who are suffering from mental stress due to too much breast is increasing. In addition to cosmetic problems, giant anemia, which is less than 5% of Korean women, can cause physical and psychological problems. As the westernized diet increases the number of people with obesity, the breast grows more and more, so the interest in giant pancreatic is increasing in plastic surgeons. Causes of macrosomia are caused by genetic influences, hormones that affect breast development are excessively secreted from the normal, resulting in abnormally enlarged breast, and occasionally due to pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

In most cases, it is often caused by hormonal imbalance in adolescence. If you have a lot of toxic breast, you are mentally stressed, you have pain in your neck and back because of your big breast, because of your stomach breast, and if you have eczema and skin disease, you can be subject to breast reduction surgery.

There is a vertical incision method that is generally used, a method of making an ulnar incision, which is suitable for cases where the breast is not too big and not severely struck, and an ‘o’ shaped incision method, It is best to practice the surgery that is right for you. Giant pancreatitis is diagnosed by self diagnosis. It is measured as the distance between the upper breast and lower breast when measuring the size of the breast. It can be diagnosed as a huge pancreas with 20cm, E cup, 22.5cm F cup and 35cm G cup.

In Wonjin Plastic Surgery, “The average breast volume of Korean women is about 200 ~ 250cc. If you are over 400cc, you can think about breast reduction.” Because breast reduction surgery is more complicated than enlargement surgery, it is important to have a surgeon with a skilled know-how, and liposuction treatment is also available.

Liposuction is a simple procedure and free of complications, but it can not shrink a lot and can only be effective if skin elasticity is good. It is recommended that sports bra should be worn for up to 3 weeks after surgery. Exercise should be avoided until 6 weeks. Do not bow or bow to the head. Breast reduction surgery is important for follow-up care. Avoiding drinking and smoking is the best way to restore your surgical site in the short term.