Relation Between Eyes And Nose For Plastic Surgery

Things you must know before doing Korea rhinoplasty, is that you have to check your eyes condition before rhinoplasty. But, what is the correlation between the eyes gap and Korea rhinoplasty?

It's important to check it because if the nose is raised up, the width between eyes might become shorter than before. Of course it depends on how high the nose will be. If the nose only being raised a bit, then it won't have any effect after the Korea rhinoplasty. But if it's being raised too much, then it might give some effect to the width between eyes. 

It's because of the elasticity of the skin while our nose is stretching. It will make the width is becoming shorter. 

Then how about the patient who is originally having short width between eyes but still wants to do Korea rhinoplasty? Can they still do it? Yes. But it's very recommended to choose smaller nose implant so it won't be too high and make it even shorter.

Also, if the height of the implant is too high and narrow for the nose bridge, the nose can appear unnatural and the implants can become noticeable. The design techniques used at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea can ensure outstanding results, enabling customized implants to achieve an inconspicuous fit. 

Each implants for Korea rhinoplasty has their own advantages and disadvantages, so you must receive an accurate consultation before choosing the right implant.