Korean Breast Surgery For The Most Natural Result

Those who want Korean breast surgery are mainly those who want to enlarge their breast. There are many types of implants, but there is this round implant, which is part of the basic form, is suitable for cases where the overall volume of the breast is desired to be increased or the upper chest is comparatively weak. Also, when the balance between the upper body and the lower body does not match, or when the shape of the breast itself changes due to childbirth, weight loss, Korean breast surgery with round implant increases the overall volume, while creating a chest bone and highlighting a glamorous line, which can increase satisfaction when the upper chest is poor. 

When standing or lying down, it is natural to have fallen and spread, so it is also a breast operation that can hold both the volume and naturalness of the one and two. There are Smooth type and Texture type. Smooth type is suitable for those who have thin skin and lack of tissue, smooth surface and smooth texture, so it is easy to position in the procedure and it can be easily corrected even if there is a problem. 

On the other hand, the texture type is a coarse surface type. Since the tissue grows between these irregular surface curvatures, the movement of the body is less dependent on the movement, and the shape change is less. And because there is good adhesion with the tissue, the occurrence rate of spherical shape is low, so there is no need for massage. 

The advantages and disadvantages of the two types are different, so it is best to make decisions through consultation with a skilled specialist. There are two things that are universally mentioned in Korean breast surgery: teardrop and round. Teardrop usually have an emphasis on balance and fall downward. The top part is smooth, literally 'drip-shaped'. So it's a feature that you can give a proper volume feeling by adjusting the overall balance rather than just enlarging the size. 

Meanwhile, the round implant is a round shape with a top and a bottom as a whole, and it has a shape that fits its name perfectly. If it is too weak and the upper part is flat, it is better to enlarge the whole by using the round. If you have breast already, but you want to make the shape more beautiful, teardrop implant may be suitable. However, this is not a problem that individuals can judge alone, but it is a good idea to make a decision after consulting with a long-term expert and a skilled professional. 

Side effects of Korean breast surgery are usually spherical and sometimes convex. Capsular contracture usually causes the implant to change firmly when the body is overfilled with a coating that surrounds the implant by increasing the immunity to defend the foreign body. It is a natural phenomenon that the coating is formed, but it can be caused by necrosis or hemorrhage, or when the treatment is not done properly, for various reasons. 

This can be prevented by administering massage or high-frequency equipment after the treatment. In the case of the upper convex, it is a phenomenon that the implant is raised and protruded because the space is wrongly selected at the time of the procedure or the post management is not done properly. It may occur when the underline is not removed enough at the time of the procedure, or when a large implant is inserted forcibly, or when there is a lack of follow-up management. 

In order to prevent this, it is important to select the size appropriate for the body shape. It is important to reduce the side effects by conducting thorough examination, procedure, and systematic follow-up management through sufficient consultation with experienced and skilled specialists. In general, the method of massage and the period of care are slightly different for each hospital, but the important thing is not the massage method but the period. 

Usually, the prevention method should be maintained for about 6 months or more, and the initial hassle or inconvenience can not be avoided. It may be annoying to wear undergarments or massage, but is not it good if the result is good? In other words, it is also important to proceed with breast surgery with a skilled specialist, but you should know that after that care is also important!