This Is WHY People Are Whipped For Korea Rhinoplasty

Korea rhinoplasty is not all about getting the nose bridge higher or get the nose tip pointed anymore. There are a lot of type of nose surgery that makes people have more choice of what they want to do. And the fact is that not only young people doing the surgery, Korea rhinoplasty should be done by considering all aspects from nose shape, nose condition, etc and people also can actually choose which method they want to do. 

Both nose implant, autologous tissue, and filler are still the top 3 materials used for Korea rhinoplasty. Whatever the material used for Korea rhinoplasty, Wonjin Plastic Surgery promises to use only a safe and stable materials for rhinoplasty for the best results.

As for implant itself, it is vital to choose the correct implant type and size for Korea rhinoplasty so you'll get the best result. And since everyone has different nose bone size and skin tissue type, it is best to compare pros and cons of each implant and choose the best one. The most used implant used would be ultra soft silicone, silicone, gore-tex, and silitex.

The well known septum, ear, or rib cartilage are considered as autologous tissue. It's basically the tissue collected from your own body, so it has the advantages of low infection rate and providing natural shape. 

It is very safe implant that does not cause any problems such as skin gets thinner or implant stiffness, and it functions very importantly, which is usually used on nasal tip affecting the result of Korea rhinoplasty. 

The last trend that has been whipped by younger people would be filler, a simple injection with a filler can make the nose bridge bigger and higher without invasive surgeries. It's not burdensome, it has no incision, and you can just go back to your daily activity as usual after this treatment.