Korea Face Contouring, Stop Using Photoshop Challenge

People nowadays are still using photoshop or another photo editing application before posting their photos on social media? Not anymore. As technology in medical industry has become developed, people now tend to have Korea face contouring instead.

The most common case for Korea face contouring is square jaw. In this case, Korea face contouring can be used to remove the angular part and reduce the width of the jaw to make a long face. It is important to make a natural line by resurfacing the curve while considering the balance of the face, because the facial contour which improves the square jaw can give an unnatural impression if you cut away a lot of bones in order to make the face small. 

Before considering Korea face contouring, it's good to examine the causes. If the jawbone itself is overdeveloped, the entire face can be viewed as a large, square jaw case that can be improved with a facial contour that cuts the chin on both sides or cuts the thickness. If the bones are normal, but muscles called masticatory muscles that move when chewing food are developed and appear as square jaws, you can improve with Botox even if you do not have a knife facial outline surgery. Also, because the fat around the chin is excessively attached, if the subcutaneous fat is thick, it can make the line smooth by the laser procedure. 

If so, how do I know my face is a square jaw? First you have to sit in front of the mirror and check your face from the front. When you look at it from the front, the face itself looks like a wide square? Or you can doubt it when you hear lots of stories about whether the jaws are hard and you can not distinguish between where you see and where your jaw is, or the impression is strong. Or, when viewed from the side, you have to be suspicious when the line of the jaw that leads under your ears is severely angled.

Check the video below, for real result of Korea face contouring at Wonjin Plastic Surgery!