IMPORTANT!! Choose The Right Implant For Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose is like the center of our face, which also plays a major role in influencing the first impression, depending on its shape. Since the very first, people have started to have interest in Korea rhinoplasty. However, Eastern people tend to have a narrow nose bridge compared to the Westerns, even thicker and the cartilage is kind of small and weak. Which can make the face looks wider and bigger than it supposed to be, as well as creating a dull or flat impression. This is one of the reason why those who are considering Korea rhinoplasty are increasing.

BUT! To be honest, there are some cases where people need to get a revision surgery, due to the wrong choice of implant. There are many possibilities of side effects because of this though. Maybe because of the implant is too obvious, or the height is just too low, or maybe the nose tip is red.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea said that Korea rhinoplasty is performed differently, depends on the nose's shape, cartilage, and bone. Therefore, in order to understand the shape and structure of nose, a medical check-up and analysis should be done before the surgery.

Korea rhinoplasty can be considered as the most done plastic surgery after eye plastic surgery though. A small change of the nose shape, can get the whole impression changed. Though, as said before, there are some cases where the revision surgery is done because people are not satisfied enough with the result. The revision surgery is not easy to be done, so you have to go thorough a consultation with a very experienced plastic surgeon.

This is why choosing the right implant for Korea rhinoplasty is very important to do before the surgery, so it won't make you disappointed with the result and won't get you into the side effects. This can be done through an analysis and consultation with the plastic surgeon.