How to Fix Facial Distortion with The Best Two Jaw Surgery

Asymmetric face is caused due to abnormal development of face bones. The best two jaw surgery know that ever person's face and body is a originally little asymmetric. But if if the level of asymmetry is high, then it will cause facial distortion and problems in jaw point.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will let you know about the diagnosis of asymmetric face. So let's check how symmetrical is your face with the best two jaw surgery!

  • Slanted lips
  • Slanted jaw
  • Slanted eyeline
  • Slanted centerline of front teeth
  • Slanted mouth
If you have suffering one of the symptoms above, you'd better go to Wonjin Beauty Medical Group to consult more about the best two jaw surgery.

There are many reasons that cause asymmetric face, such as damaged teeth or habit of chewing with only one side of the mouth, injury or get into accident that affects on jaw area, acquired imbalanced development of jaw, or just inborn with asymmetric face.

There are also many types of asymmetric face classified by the best two jaw surgery:

  • Different jaw sizes from side to side but has normal centerline
  • Slanted centerline with protruded mouth or short chin
  • Slanted centerline with long jutting chin
  • Different face line sizes from side to side but has normal centerline

Asymmetry can be corrected after accurate analysis of the cause and symptoms. Accurate and systematic treatment is possible through cooperative treatment system with Wonjin Dental Clinic. The best two jaw surgery by Wonjin Beauty Medical Group only offer the customized surgery that will bring the best result for each individual.

The best two jaw surgery will do bone relocating surgery which is required depending on the level of asymmetry but if there is a slanting problem on upper jaw. Then, the best two jaw surgery will shaving the upper jaw horizontally to correct the slanting angle and move the lower jaw to the center accordingly.

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