V-Line Surgery by Face Contouring Specialized Hospital

V-line face has become the standard of beauty nowadays, as it is proved by the increasing of V-line faced celebrity on TV shows. But V-line might occur unnatural shape of jaw line, even cause facial asymmetry or nerve damage. Face contouring specialized hospital enables accurate shaping of jaw bone for natural and slender line.

Is it possible to have perfect v-line from every angle? Of course! Face contouring specialized hospital has v-line surgery that can reveal your hidden attractive image. Through smooth and precise jaw placement, you can get a well-defined v-line. Face contouring specialized hospital provides high quality v-line surgery using the finest technique.

As the face contouring specialized hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic corrects an over/ under bite by decreasing or extending the chin length to give a true pretty v-line. V-line surgery involves moving the jaws forward and backward. Through implant insertion or fat grafting, v-line surgery by face contouring specialized hospital can get you a satisfactory v-line.

There are 4 cases of v-line surgery:

  1. Retreated chin
    • Chin advancement
      • Make incision about 2-3 cm on the chin mucous membrane and fracture the bone. Then, move fractured part of front chin forward and fix it.
    • Implant insertion
      • Make incision at chin mucous membrane and lift periosteum to secure insertion space. Then, insert the implant, fix it and suture the incision part.
  2. Long chin
    • Chin reduction
      • Make incision about 2-3 cm on the chin mucous membrance and lift periosteum to cut the proper amount of chin bone. Then, join separated bone and suture.
  3. Short chin
    • Front chin bone grafting
      • Incised square jawbone part is inserted into the fractured frontal chin. A square jaw surgery will be conducted. A short or receding chin will be fractured. Then, the shaved square jaw bone will be inserted into the fractured front chin.
  4. Wide chin
    • T osteotomy
      • Fracture front chin into "T" shape to reduce both width and length of the chin.