Unique Korea Rhinoplasty, Different From The Others

Every people have different body shape and atmosphere, and would like to have something different with other people right? Let's say you're getting Korea rhinoplasty. Would you want to have the exact look with other people's nose? 

That's why the premium Korea rhinoplasty exists at Wonjin Plastic Surgery. 183 types of Korea rhinoplasty based on 183 factors that's been considered including size, face balance, type of implant.

Because each person has different outline, size, and jaw shape, the shape of the nose at the center of the face varies from person to person, and plays an important role in determining the person's impressions. The shape of the nose and nose itself are important, but the line of the nose also plays an important role in determining the impression of a person.

Korea rhinoplasty can be divided into three kinds mainly according to the angle of the nose and the angle of the nose tip. The nose is 115 to 120 degrees and the nose is 95 to 110 degrees. The line which is higher than the nose is called the 'half sose line' and it is suitable for the long face type and it changes into a feminine impression. 

On the other hand, the angle of the nose is the same, but the angle of the nose is 120 ~ 140 degrees and the straight line of the nose and the end is called 'straight line'. In this case, it is suitable for the short face type and transforms into a sophisticated impression. 

In between the two lines, the 'sagging sash line', which has a sagging angle of 115 to 130 degrees, is literally a line between the straight line and the half sagging line.