3 Things To Know Before Korean Eye Plastic Surgery

Korean eye plastic surgery believe that in order to achieve beautiful eyes, the size and proportion must be considered. The delicate skills of the surgeons and immaculate design techniques naturally allows for the eyes to look much bigger and clearer. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has exclusive eye specialists to perform all eyelid surgeries pursuing patient's satisfaction. In this chance, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group will share to you some important things before you do Korean Eye Plastic Surgery.

Q: Recently, there is Ptosis Correction that become rising popular among Korean eye plastic surgery now. Please tell us more detail about it.

Wonjin: Well, Ptosis can be caused by number of factors that affect the muscles, nerves, or skin of the eyelids. The muscles that allow your eyelids to move up and down can weaken from age or other reason and sometimes people are born with eye muscles that are weaker than normal. Each stage of ptosis severity affects our eyes in a different way. For example, less ptosis case might cause slight droopy eyelids that don't really affect vision. However, severe ptosis has a potential of affecting on falling of vision.

Q: So what is the solution for that case?

Wonjin: Ptosis correction can be done together with double eyelid surgery. Both surgeries if they collaborated can make clearer and brighter eyes, squinting eyes correction, prevent forehead wrinkles, all sagging eyes can be corrected, and also can make thick eyes to be slimmer and natural. There are 2 type of ptosis correction by Korean eye plastic surgery: full incision and non incision. Incision Ptosis Correction creates incision lines across the surface of the eyelids to correct the shape and size of the eyelids. This procedure is usually performed to correct thick eyelids with excessive adipose tisues, or to correct sagging droopy eyelids. Korean eye plastic surgery also have non incision methods for Ptosis Correction which is completed by having minute openings on eyelids to tighten muscles and eyelids. However, Non Incision Ptosis Correction is recommended for people whose eyelids are very thick or eyelids are extremely droopy. Both methods will be determined upon consultation based on the patient's requirement.

Q: Is there any advises for patient who want to do Korean eye plastic surgery?

Wonjin: Korean eye plastic surgery surely has various methods. But whatever patient's choice is, the important thing is the balance of eye's size and shape with the face's balance. The ideal eyes by Korean eye plastic surgery will improve people's image and patient's satisfaction. Korean eye plastic surgery needs professional surgeons who has many experiences in eye surgery to make pretty double eyelids, because double eyelid itself is so weak and need special treatment. Also beside of price, it's important to choose the best hospital who has the best quality of Korean eye plastic surgery's equipment. The best Korean eye plastic surgery also gives fast recovery and less swelling after surgery.

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