Simple Q&A About Korea Eye Plastic Surgery

There are many types of Korea eye plastic surgery procedures. The one that mostly to be done is no other than double eyelid surgery. But sometimes people are also choosing ptosis correction to get clearer eyes. Or maybe the combination of both procedures.  Then what is the difference of those two? Which one is better? 

Q: What is the difference between double eyelid surgery and ptosis corerction?
A: Both double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction are popular procedures of Korea eye plastic surgery. Double eyelid surgery is a way to help build a knot inside and outside eyelid but ptosis correction, is more like correcting the length of the upper and lower eyelid. It helps you get a clearer eyes, and is recommended for those who have much fats in eyelid.

Ptosis correction can be done with incision or non-incision method though. But usually the non-incision method is possible when the eyelid is thin and it's difficult to remove the fat separately. If there's too much fat or the eyelid is sagging, then it might can't be corrected through this method.

Q: What is in-line, out-line, and in-out-line?
A: In-line is a type of double eyelid where the inner part of the eyelid is not visible but the double eyelid line is getting bigger to the outer part. Out-line is like a line where your eyes getting bigger naturally but also thin just like a double eyelid. And In-out-line is a double eyelid line which is getting wider from outer part to the back of the Mongolian fold.

Q: My eyes are small and the width also short, will it be okay if I only do double eyelid surgery?
A: If you're doing Korea eye plastic surgery called canthoplasty, your eyes can look even bigger in term of width or you can do ptosis correction to make it looks more natural.

Q: Is it expensive? There are many places with cheap price though?
A: The surgery cost is important of course, however aren't you curious about the experience of the plastic surgeons, and if it's safe, or the treatment after the surgery?