MOTIVA The Key Of Wonjin Korea Breast Surgery

It's necessary to know about the types of breast implant used for Wonjin Korea breast surgery. Why? Because you need to know what kind of implant that is the most suitable for you and your body condition. There are a lot of breast implant available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, and one of the most popular one? It's called MOTIVA.

Each breast implants have their own advantages and disadvantages if used for Wonjin Korea breast surgery. At least for MOTIVA, the implant itself is made with silicone gel containing ergonomic method that has really a good elasticity and smooth surface. Unlike the other existing breast implant, MOTIVA can be inserted easily with only 2,5 to 3 cm incision. Which is also one of the advantages, that will leave less scars.

In addition, MOTIVA breast implant, would spread as you're lying, just like the real breast. It also moves along naturally based on your movement, which provides convenience when doing daily activities or even exercises.

MOTIVA breast implants contains cohesive gel which has superior elasticity, youch, and strength compared to the existing breast implants. Where MOTIVA also can maintain proper shape and texture after Wonjin Korea breast surgery. There is a complementary layer outside called BluSeal which helps to prevent the gel from diffusing to other part and reduce capsular contracture that can be caused because of the gel bleeding.

Wonjin Korea breast surgery using MOTIVA is offering extended warranty for all patients who had the surgery to provide long-term support and reassurance for their safety. What kind of warranty? It provides you a revision / re-operation if the capsular contracture 3rd and 4th stage occurs within 5 years.

Watch also the interview with model who had Wonjin Korea breast surgery on the video below: