Face Contour Self Check: Do I Have Square Jaw?

What thing pops in your mind if you hear of 'square jaw'? A condition where your face looks like square shape? Because the size of the mandibular bone is usually larger and angled than others, it often makes face looked angled when viewed from the front or side. Korea face contouring surgery, square jaw reduction, can help to create a slender facial contour by removing these angular parts.

Don't you curious about your face type? You can check it by yourself with mirror though. 

1. If your face looks wide and rectangle when viewed from the front, and the line under the ear is strongly angled when viewed from the side. 
2. If the tip is blunt and you can't distinguish jaw and cheeks.
3. If there are people who told you that you have strong impression

If you experience the characteristics mentioned above, then you might have square jaw. But WHY? 

There are many reasons for this. First, it might because of the bone of your jaw itself is overdeveloped and the whole face is kind of big and angled. For this case, Korea face contouring surgery, where the bone is cut and trimmed, might be the best option.

However, if it's only because of the muscle of the masticatory which is thick, then you can just solve it with no-cut Korea face contouring or botox. And when you have excessive fat, then you can try Acculifting.

Korea face contouring surgery to remove the bones, is the most difficult surgery, so it needs to be done by a skilled plastic surgeon. In addition, Wonjin Plastic Surgery also offers post-treatment program including heal lite treatment, oxygen treatment, and intensive care program to help you with the swelling and pain, also shortening the recovery period.