Korea Rhinoplasty Silicone Implants Information

Nose can affect the 3D feeling and impression of face depends on its shape and height. Most of people are doing the Korea rhinoplasty to make their nose higher so they often use implants for the surgery instead of other materials. 

The implant that is commonly used for Korea rhinoplasty is silicone, and it is used universally.  And in case of silicon implant, it is more suitable to create ideal nose of patient because it can be more detailed than the other implants. 

In addition there is little change of foreign body reaction or inflammation because the degeneration is hardly achieved after human body insertion.

In case of gore-tex, because of its fine holes on its surface, it can be said that gore-tex has an excellent adhesion with skin and tissue. Once it has been positioned, it is not likely can be pinched or moved. And it is often used for Korea rhinoplasty in case of thin skin.  Gore-tex is kind of softer than silicone and be deformed naturally to match the curvature of the existing nose bone.

Unlike the nose bridge, to create a natural look for the nose tip, it's better to use a tissue instead of hard artificial material. When using the septum cartilage, unlike other cartilages, it is possible to collect directly from the incision at the inside of the nose, so no additional incision is necessary. And because it's a flat cartilage, it is suitable for lengthening the nose pillar and nose length such as lengthening and short nose arrow nose.

If the length of the nose is too short or the nose tip is severely damaged, it is better to use a costal cartilage. The costal cartilage, located between the ribs and the dressing bones, is suitable for making a firm and high nose, compared to other cartilages, and has a sufficient amount of cartilage and a low incidence of inflammation.

Ear cartilage is also one of the most commonly used autologous tissue for Korea rhinoplasty. Cartilage is more resilient than the septum cartilage and is good for creating a natural nose tip shape. It is also safe because it can be seen from the back of the ear, which has little functional role, even if the skin of the nose is thin.