Tricky Questions That You Probably Known Wrong About Plastic Surgery During Summer. Part Two.

A lot of people tend to believe in lore that is based on the scientific evidence or from the other people’s experience. However, factors might not be always true. In other words, lore can be changed due to the innovation of studying and transformation of surroundings.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic had lots of clients and experiences. Based on these factor, Wonjin has collected data of pros and cons of surgery, different type of clients, including questions that anyone is about to receive a surgery are wondering about. Today we are here to inform two questions about summer surgery that you might have misunderstand.

Q. UV rays (ultraviolet rays from the sun) during summer can sterilize the wounds?
A. No

Strong UV rays from the sun highly influence the skin color. It might lead the new recovering skins to discoloration or skin pigmentation may happen. After the surgery, be careful to avoid water, sunlight, and any objects that are unsterilized. Also, putting sunblock on the wound can cause the infection so try to cover the wound with sunglasses, caps, parasol and etc.

Q. Surgery during summer can prevent from getting a red nose?
A. No

Getting red nose and the seasons is nothing to do with each other. The cause of red nose is from nose pore, blood vessel, or cold weather. It is not because of silicon inside the nose. Far from the season, it is wise to counsel with the doctor about your nose condition, proper and safe rhinoplasty surgery, also a beautiful design.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea, apart from other plastic surgery clinics, are giving suitable advice based on the patient’s condition, feature, symptoms, and many other factors collected by Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea’s examination. Due to these aspects, several doctors discuss together about how the surgery is going to be or what kind of materials are they going to use.

Now you have found out that summer is not a bad time to receive a plastic surgery, don’t be afraid to get it during the summer. But don’t forget to be careful after the surgery and make sure to take good care until the recovery.

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