Tricky Questions That You Probably Known Wrong About Plastic Surgery During Summer. Part One.

There are certain questions that any people considering plastic surgery may have heard. One of them is a relationship between weather condition and plastic surgery. You may have heard that summer is not the right time to get any kind of surgery. Due to putting lots of bandages, sweating causes more pain, eventually leading insufficient recovery environment and so on.

Since 1994, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea has been developing and being called as the greatest plastic surgery clinic in Korea. Many people have chosen and still receiving love calls even from oversea. Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea is the place where most of the clinics are located. Wonjin is also located right near the Gangnam station and always keeping the spot. Now, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea branched out to China and Thailand, also an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia.

Data based on Wonjin Plastic surgery Gangnam Korea’s own experiences, we have pulled out 1 major summer surgery question that have been always argued for several years.

Tricky Questions That You Probably Known Wrong About Plastic Surgery During Summer. Part One.

Q.. Receiving plastic surgery during summer (hot weather) causes more infection then winter?

A. No

I would like to inform the route of getting an infection is not because of hot weather. Infections appear due to lacking sanitation. Human bodies are naturally born to maintain regular body heat and control body temperature to go high or low. Furthermore, since we are living in the Twenty-first century, air-conditions were invented and exist everywhere we go. We do not have to worry about temperature rising might cause a horrible effect on wounds.

Back to infection, it depends on how well you treat the wounds after your surgery. You should constantly change bandage (dressing) while in recovery. Always make sure to wash your hand before you touch the wounds.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Gangnam Korea is running 24 hour care system right after the surgery to prevent from bad side effects due to infection. Professionals stand by at any time in the intensive care unit and prescribe medicines that assist recovery.

Exercise after the surgery is a bad idea for faster recovery. However, if you have exercised, try not to seep sweats into the wounds. Alcohol and cigarettes are of course must be prohibited. Lastly, through constant counsel with the doctor, issue an antimicrobial medical certificate if you need to.

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