The Popular Eye Plastic Surgery in Korea (Ft. Wonjin)

Most people are afraid of plastic surgery in Korea because of the incision, so they're avoiding it. But actually there are always other ways available besides the incisional option. Especially for eye plastic surgery. 

Non-incisional method for eye plastic surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea is one of the most popular one because of its natural result. All double eyelid surgeries may seem to be indistinguishable. However, the surgery results may differ depending on how the muscles are sutured and the number of formed knots.

The Popular Eye Plastic Surgery in Korea (Ft. Wonjin)

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, we do not simply 'pinch' the eyelids, but we use a double thread-burying method to form double knots and firmly fix the double eyelids to prevent dissociation. Like many conventional methods of tying the thread around twice, we tie the thread around from the inside and outside of the eyelids and allow for natural adhesion between the skin and the muscles for inseparable double eyelids.

Non-incisional threading method can be used for most patients except for those with extremely thick eyelids. This method is popular for patients in their 20-30s. The disadvantage of the primative non-incision method was that it solely relied on the strength and durability of the thread. When the thread loses its rigidity, it allows the double eyelids to lose its form.

The threads used at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea are thin but extremely durable. With our natural adhesion method of fixating the skin and muscles together, the thread is used as a powerful fixator of the eyelids. Our most popular exclusive non-incisional method hooks the eyelids with multiple knots by using fine threads. It also ties the eyelids both in and out twice to strengthen the knots.

The Popular Eye Plastic Surgery in Korea (Ft. Wonjin)

If you're one of those people with these kinds of case, then the non-incision double eyelid surgery is suitable for you. And you're very welcomed to ask more about eye plastic surgery in Korea, at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea through our facebook page. And please contact us through PM to make the reservation before coming to our clinic. Please subscribe to our youtube channel as well for more videos related to the popular plastic surgery in Korea!