The Advanced Fat Grafting System Of Wonjin Korea

Harvest-Jet Fat Grafting at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea is not only can be done for breast surgery but as well as other part of your body. As stated before, Harvest-Jet fat grafting is a procedure using the most advanced device, to improve the regular fat grafting. 

It improves the engraftment by using water jet to suck the fat cells in circular shape, and dual filtering it usiing LipoCollector. Through this process, a healthy and pure fat cell could be injected on desired area.

Harvest-Jet at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, significantly improves the problem of low engraftment of regular fat graft and able to separate the fiber as well as the debris at the same time, with the healthy and fresh fat.

Here are the differences between the regular fat graft and Harvest-Jet at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea.

Regular Fat Graft:
- Damaged fat tissue due to direct contact of fat extraction
- Excessive cell damage due to high pressure high speed using the centrifugal separator
- Oxidation occurs due to air contact during collecting and centrifugal process
- Possibility of oil cyst and calcification due to damaged fat cells

- Able to extract fat in circular shape without tissue damage by using Water Jet
- Less tissue damage using low pressure and special filter
- Less oxidation occurs by processing collecting and filtering at the same time and inject right away
- Low possibility of oil cyst and calcification and less damage on area where fat was collected

Beside Harvest-Jet Fat Grafting, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic also has the other advanced fat grafting system, called Lipokit Fat Graft. Lipokit Fat Graft is a procedure using an equipment that can perform liposuction and centrifugation at the same time. 

This procedure lowers the chance of infection because the fat is extracted without air contact. It also removes the free oil which is responsible for the survival of fat, and this allows cohesive fat grafting as well.

Lipokit Fat Grafting at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, extracts fat and fat cells for grafting and extracting stem cell purposes respectively. Then, the pure fat is extracted without being exposed to air using Lipokit and mix with extracted stem cell for grafting using Sceldis.

Sceldis is designed for enclosed cell separation and extraction process. It is approved by FDA and also domestically proven for its safety. This equipment simplifies the complicated process such as fat separation, cleaning, mixing, and extracting into ‘One Stop’ automation.

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