Implant For Korean Best Breast Surgery

If we talk about Korean best breast surgery, most of us would think about breast augmentation first rather than other type of breast surgery. Actually, yes, breast augmentation is the most famous one among breast surgery. 

Breast augmentation involves breast implant, fat grafting or filler as the media to fill the volume of breast.But actually people still choose implant over fat grafting or filler. 

The most commonly used implants are round implant and teardrop implant.But then as time passed by, there are a lot of new implant with better and detailed feature than the original one. 

The content of these implants used for Korean best breast surgery usually a cohesive gel and saline bag. Cohesive gel itself has received an official approval from USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and many other countries and is the most commonly used one with natural feeling and shape. It contains a gelatinous form of silicone which is not a liquid. It prevents flow or absorption into the body in case of implant breakage.

Why cohesive gel as the content is good for breast implant?
- The shape and feeling of this implant is good
- The content of this implant would not flow even if it breaks
- The movement is very natural in every type of motion

Meanwhile saline bag is an implant that contains saline liquid form and is used worldwide. Even if the implant breaks, the saline gets absorbed safely into the body. Korean best breast surgery procedure with saline bag allows more accurate size adjustment since the saline is injected through the tube to control the breast implant size.

Why saline bag as the content is good for breast implant?
- Minimal incision area by injecting the saline after the implant insertion 
- The saline gets safely absorbed into the body even if it breaks
- Able to achieve the most accurate result by adjusting the implant size
- Able to correct the asymmetry of breast by injecting different amount for each side of breast

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