Maintaining Your Youth and Healthy Life With Wonjin

Wonjin Beauty Medical Beauty is not only consist Wonjin Plastic Surgery but also Wonjin Dental, Wonjin Dermatology, as well as U-Cell Clinic. What is U-Cell Clinic? U-Cell Clinic was named the clinic's motto: to fulfill everyone's dream of maintaining their youth and healthy life.

The alphabet U stands for 'Youth', while the word Cell represents 'Health'because cell is the basic structure of the body. At U-Cell Clinic from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, you can experience an advanced treatment combined with the new technology, and get the most effective results without surgical procedure needed to be done.

What can you do at U-Cell Clinic?

Recovery Treatment
After care / recovery treatments after plastic surgery are usually done at U-Cell Clinic to minimal the recovery time. As we all know, after plastic surgery, the swelling is caused by fat cells around blood vessels that interfere with blood circulation, lowers metabolism, and leads to slower recovery. That's why this treatment is needed to promote migration of fat cells, emission of toxin, and improve circulation to reduce swelling and shorten recovery period. 

Type of treatment: LLD Treatment (natural component), V.A.M Treatment (injection treatment), O2 Treatment (oxygen treatment)

Anti-Aging Treatment
U-Cell Clinic provides the proper test to analyze and program customized that fits your cell. Not only on the surface but from inside of your body will be rejuvenated.

Type of therapy: W Therapy (wellness wise therapy), L Therapy (low fat therapy), U Therapy (ultra therapy)

Anti-Cancer Treatment
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group seeks to improve the quality of patient's life by providing safe chemotherapy with less pain and side effects.

Type of treatment: Chemotherapy (anti-malignant tumor treatment), Immunocyte Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment
U-Cell Clinic provides a safe chemotherapy with less pain and less side effect. A highly effective treatment enhanced by the safest equipment.

Type of treatment: Lymphedema / Trophedema treatment, Hair Loss Treatment

Weight Loss Treatment
One of the most popular non plastic surgery procedures. Basically an obesity clinic, providing two programs of the whole body program and specific body part program. The program will be selected according the symptoms or the condition of patients' body and figure. It leads to a healthy diet without starving of nutrition.

Type of treatment: PLD Injection Treatment, Lypoaran Injection Treatment

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