What Kind of Korean Plastic Surgery Mostly Done?

Plastic surgery has became a trend nowadays especially Korean plastic surgery. Yes, South Korea has been known as one of the biggest market of plastic surgery with their excellent technologies and skilled plastic surgeons. It's also common for local people to do plastic surgery even can be present for children' graduation or present for parents day, etc.

One of the mostly done Korean plastic surgery is no other than Korean eye plastic surgery. It was and still popular among Korean people even for people from overseas also coming to Korea to do the surgeries.

Double Eyelid Surgery. This eyelid surgery is the most common surgery among Koreans. They usually have only a monolid or single eyelid, and had this Korean plastic surgery to get bigger and clearer eyes. 

But is it the only surgery needed to get bigger eyes? No!
Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea has another solution.

Other than double eyelid surgery, there are also another surgeries which can help you get even bigger and clearer eyes, to get better result than only a single procedure. These procedures usually done together with Double Eyelid Surgery. 

What kind of procedures available?

We usually call it by Canthoplasty. There are two types of Canthoplasty; Epicanthoplasty (pull the inner corner of eyes) and Lateral Canthoplasty (pull the outer corner of eyes).

Take a look at the video below, a video or Before and After photos, Korean eye plastic surgery.

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