[FAQ] Korea Anti-Aging at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea

Korea anti-aging is also one of the popular procedure in plastic surgery and beauty industry. Especially among the middle age women. BUT! Actually what it means by anti-aging here is not only about fixing the wrinkle problem for old people but also preventing the aging problem which can be done by them at their 20s as well.

[FAQ] Korea Anti-Aging at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea

Skin whitening, tighter skin, wrinkle prevention, and other skin problems can be treated with Korea anti-aging. Here are some FAQ of Korea anti-aging.

Are there any side effects of fat grafting?
When fat grafting is done poorly by an inexperienced doctor, it can cause bumps on the skin and make the face look bloated. Stem cell enriched fat grafting is known as a very safe procedure since it is harvesting the patient’s own cells.

However, the fat may not survive as expected or patients could look a little unnatural in the case of air exposure when extracting fat or from cannula / needle infections. We have the latest technologically advanced medical equipment and facilities at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, therefore you do not have to worry about these side effects mentioned above.

Why do different hospitals advertise different costs for Fillers and Botox?
There are many clinics that provide Filler and Botox injections, but issues have been raised about the durability and safety of the products that they use. 

Some clinics use Fillers and Botox which are mixed with water which reduces the dosage of the products by a third but increases the amount that is injectible. This way, the patients feel that it is much cheaper, but unfortunately the effects last for a very short period. We strictly use genuine products only, with a fixed dosage so that the safety and surgery effects are durable. 

Safety and surgery skills should be your deciding factor when you are choosing a clinic for the surgery. It is very important that price cannot be the only determinant factor.

Are the effects substantial even without surgery?
The key to looking younger relies on how well wrinkles are treated, the elasticity, skin tone, and facial volume up-keep. At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, our patients will be able to achieve voluminous effects without open surgeries. We use the patient’s own healthy cells for fat grafts, and the fillers and Botox that we use possess the most similar human cell attributes for safer and outstanding results.

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