[FAQ] Korea Two Jaw Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea #2

As said on the previous post, here are the rest of answered questions that asked a lot regarding Korea two jaw surgery. Reading these might help you answering your curiosity and decide to do plastic surgery or not, in this case two jaw surgery.

[FAQ] Korea Two Jaw Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea #2 

Won’t the nerves be damaged?
After locating the nerves accurately, the bone is fractured safely to prevent the nerve damage. However, there is another reason why the square jaw surgery is easy yet hard. That is to gain both Safety and Dramatic effects at once.

Will I gain effects if only the front chin is fixed?
Of course. The shape of our front chin determines the overall face look. A facial contouring surgery effect will be gained with just a Front chin surgery. Like the person above, the face may look big and angular if the front chin is wide and blunt. Wide front chin is cut into a T-shape in this case to form a slimmer and classy V-lined face.

Will I get wrinkles or lumps after the front chin surgery?
No need to worry about these if the surgeon had carried out the surgery in a precise manner. Like the person above, lump or wrinkles may appear sometimes after a Front Chin surgery. This is a side effects resulted by an inexperienced surgeon. When the front chin is fractured, the muscles around will also be cut together. At this point, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea accurately rearrange not only the bones but the muscles together to form a smooth and well padded front chin without any wrinkles.

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Implants or Fat Graft? Which is better?
It should be selected according to the patient’s forehead condition for the most effective result as both surgeries have their own features. Inserting implant is more suitable if the forehead is narrow, flat or rugged. This is because the customized implant that perfectly suit the person’s forehead covers the flaws without fail. 

On the other hand, a voluminous forehead can be made with Fat Graft or Filler if the patient feels obliged to insert implant or the forehead isn’t much sullen. Forehead implants are semi-permanent while Fat Graft or Filler last more than a year.

Won’t the forehead surface become rugged and uneven after some time?
The implant type and substance of injection should be carefully considered for a Forehead surgery. Side effects such as coagulation of injected substance, inflammation etc. may occur if unsuitable implant shape or illegal untested substances such as paraffin or liquefied silicon are injected. 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea uses verified harmless silicon implant and transplant fats that hardly causes irritation for long-lasting and natural voluminous forehead.

Won’t the forehead surgery cause hair loss?
Hair loss hardly occur as a micro incision of 2~3mm around the hair line boundary does not damage the hair. Also, any hairstyle including tying a pony tail is possible after surgery due to invisible scars.

When can I do revision as I want to fix it as early as possible!

A rush revision is a cause for other side effects. Commonly, it is most appropriate to proceed the revision after 6 months when the damaged bones and organization due to the first surgery are completely healed.

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