Does It Have To Be Korea Two Jaw Surgery For Protruded Mouth Correction?

What is protruded mouth? Protruded mouth is a condition of abnormal protruded teeth and gum. There are many different cases of protruded mouth which of course requires different methods of Korea face contouring surgery. Then what does cause protruded mouth? It can be because of genetic cause, this happen for most of protruded mouth cases, and it can be because of environmental cause as well, such as bad habit that had something to do with mouth.

Does It Have To Be Korea Two Jaw Surgery For Protruded Mouth Correction?

But do you know that you can also check if you have protruded mouth by yourself? You can check if:
- Mouth is always opened unconsciously
- Showing too much gum while smiling
- Lips look thick
- Look awkward when mouth is closed
- Look like a short chin
- Have done nose job and short chin surgery but mouth still protruded
If you experience all things above, then you might want to go to Korea plastic surgery clinic or dental clinic for a correction.

So, which one is better? Korea plastic surgery clinic or dental clinic? Actually to get the bet result of protruded mouth correction, of course the aesthetic improvement is important but don't forget that the functional improvement is also important as it. Orthodontic treatment should be done by professional dentist at dental clinic while the aesthetic analysis and surgery should be done by an experience plastic surgeon at plastic surgery clinic. So the ideal process for protruded mouth correction better be done by both dentist and plastic surgeon. Want a place where you can do both at the same time? Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea provides a cooperative treatment with both dental and plastic surgery department in one place, brings you the best possible result.

Does It Have To Be Korea Two Jaw Surgery For Protruded Mouth Correction?

Does a protruded mouth always requires Korea two jaw surgery? No! A customized surgery will be planned depends on the condition of patients' teeth and gums. A precise diagnosis is very important for protruded mouth correction. Though Korea two jaw surgery is the most surgery done to correct the case but actually there are various surgery method depends on the cause of protrusion such as anterior misalignment of teeth or excessive gum exposure. Korea two jaw surgery is done when there is malocclusion and protruding gum bone, while protruding mouth surgery is done when there is normal occlusion and protruding gun bone. And for the case with normal occlusion and protruding teeth only, you don't need any surgery but teeth correction treatment. You can improve protrusion with orthodontic treatments alone and Korea two jaw surgery is optional, but it may result in a risk of looking toothless.

Take a look at the video below, Plastic Surgery in Korea Solution for Protruded Mouth Gums and Jaw Bones

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