The Most Advanced Harvest-Jet Korea Breast Surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea is well-known for its experience, for more than 20 years in Korean plastic surgery industry, and especially known as breast surgery specialized clinic located at Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. More and more great technology are being introduced related to breast surgery. So if you think, you want to get a breast augmentation or breast enlargement but you're afraid of inserting implant and you're giving up, then you're wrong. There are so many ways to get what you want but through surgery, including Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery.

The Most Advanced Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea's Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery, is using Harvest-Jet, the most advanced device which has higher fat engraftment, by extracting the fat from abdomen or thigh, then the fat will be injected into the breast to increase volume. Basically it looks like regular fat grafting, but with Harvest-Jet, it prevents fat loss through water-jet and it reduced the side effects possibly happened by removing the fibrous tissue, fat oil, and other debrises. With this method, you could achieve two benefits in one single procedures, which is removing the unnecessary fats and at the same time you'll gain voluminous breast.

The result? You do'n have to worry. The result of Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea is so natural. It feels so natural, it looks so natural. And since it's using your own fat, it's even safer and you don't have to be afraid of implants anymore. For those who did breast implant surgery before, you can also remove the implant and restore the original breast shape through this procedure. 

The Most Advanced Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery
What is Harvest-Jet actually? Harvest-Jet is the most advanced fat surgery device for high engraftment level which injects water with high pressure to separate the fat cells from the surrounding tissues. with this principle, it is possible to achieve the result of high engraftment level with less side effects by extracting the pure fat cells. 

Talking about the advantages of Harvest-Jet at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Seoul Korea, as always been said before, it has less side effect and foreign body reaction as it's using your own fat. That's also one of the reason why the result is the natural shape and feeling. If you compare this procedure with breast implant surgery, it also has less surgery duration and less recovery period needed. You can also decide the size you want to add despite the implant size, but it's impossible to experience big size difference and it also requires moderate amount of fat. 

Regular fat grafting has lower rate of engraftment, but harvest-jet has improved this problem by separating the fiber and other debris automatically, which is possible to achieve healthy and fresh fat with high satisfying result.

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