Any Hairstyle For Your Egg-Shaped Face Line

Which hairstyle do you prefer for the hot hot summer? Hair bun style? Maybe short hair style? Many people want to try this and that hairstyle but don't feel confident with your face line and face contour that needs to be hidden, and what they need is a little help from Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea with its experience and know-how related to face contouring surgery.

Any Hairstyle For Your Egg-Shaped Face Line

Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea Complex Facial Contour. What does it mean? Well, in many cases, people with developed jaw also have protruded cheekbone along and if you only do square jaw reduction or cheekbone reduction, the result won't be that effective compared to Wonjin's Complex Facial Contour, which aiming not only to create sharper face shape and face line but also considering the face features of each individual and the face balance, correcting overall face line including cheekbone, square jaw and also front chin.

What's good about this system at Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea? It can correct all problems regarding face contouring all at once! Not only incising the square jaw but it also goes through various types of method, considering each individual's face features and images, to maximize the effect of the surgery. This is an effective surgical method to make smoother face line from protruded cheekbone to square jaw, allowing even more natural result.

Various equipment and modern technology are used for the medical examination which is must be done before the surgery so the plastic surgeon can accurately know and measure the current condition of the patients to plan the safer and more accurate surgery. The equipment used such as 3D-CT, X-ray, Simulation of Operation Prediction Program (SOPP), and more medical equipment are available at Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea.

Any Hairstyle For Your Egg-Shaped Face Line

Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea Complex Facial Contour, aiming the effect of egg-shaped face line which is also firm and elastic from the inside. Regular face contouring, in fact, could cause the sagginess as it reduce the size of face but it might not reduce the soft tissue of face skin and muscles. With many years of experience and know-how, Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea minimizes the incision size to reduce the possibility of sagginess. Many types of lifting procedures are also provided along with the face contouring procedure.

Now that you have egg-shaped face line and don't have any square jaw to hide, you can feel free to choose whatever hairstyle you want right? More information about Korean face contouring at Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Korea can be found at our website or you can contact us on our facebook page to make the reservation! Make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as well for more videos and info about plastic surgery in Korea!