Plastic Surgery in South Korea, Liposuction

"I want to do plastic surgery in South Korea", "I want to be prettier with plastic surgery", "Korean plastic surgery is so famous", etc. Yes, if we talk about plastic surgery, we cannot not talk about Korea. Korea is known worldwide for its plastic surgery, from the simple one like double eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty, to the complicated one like face contour or body contour. One of the famous procedure of Korean body contouring is no other than liposuction.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea, Liposuction

At Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea, we posses all types of liposuction equipment but we don't depend on equipment only. Even though various equipment are developed, doctor is the one who use it, so experienced doctor is what we need to do liposuction. The most developed technology that keep being improved, can be one of the reason why people choose to do plastic surgery in South Korea. 

Wonjin's goal is not just about removing fat but reducing the nerve and blood vessel damage for balance. Althought many people assume that the skin is cut, well, actually it's not. In liposuction, the lump of fat is softly melted with laser and it'll be extracted. This way, it won't leave bumpy skin, drooping fat, and scars. Also for a safer liposuction, a simple blood test is not enough. Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea has its own pathological center that is used for blood test, EKG, and another examinations which is more than 30 types, customized for each surgery and individuals. 

Watch here about types of liposuction laser at Wonjin Plastic Surgery Korea below:

As one of the famous plastic surgery in South Korea, liposuction can be done in several areas like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, arms, and face or necks. 

As for abdomen, you can see the best results of liposuction compared to other areas. Abdomen is made up of thin fat layers and thick fat layers, so these two areas should be absorbed equally to prevent dropping. Unlike abdomen, there is a lot of muscle and fat in thighs, and different parts have different types of tissues. So it is recommended to remove the fat evenly throughout the inner, outer, and back thighs, above the knees, which are hard to remove even with exercise or diet. 

Besides the areas mentioned, there are some areas with stored fat such as cheeks, chin, breast and armpit areas, calves, ankles, etc, it can be removed with mini liposuction, which fat will be removed for a quicker body correction.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea, Liposuction

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