Newest Lifting For Plastic Surgery in Korea, Elasticum

If we talked about Mesh Lifting before, we'll talk about new lifting procedure, with new material, called Elasticum or sometimes called by Elastic Lifting. What is Elasticum? Elasticum is the new type of thread lifting procedure, one of plastic surgery in Korea procedure that is getting popular in younger generation these days. Unlike the general thread lift, Elasticum has tufted polyester surrounded on silicone for the natural elastic effect on both face and body with minimum incision and quick recovery. 

Elasticum, used for plastic surgery in Korea, was developed by Italian plastic surgeron, Dr. Sergio Cappuro, for good elasticity with quick recovery. It's made in Genova, well-known city in Italy for weaving, and now, you also can experienced the new technology of plastic surgery in Korea, Elasticum, at Wonjin Lifting Center, which is part of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, to get long lasting effect of elasticity.

If general thread usually used for face, Elasticum can be used for body part as well. It's usually used to improve wrinkles appear on necks and to get younger looking which is very natural and without any scars, with no side effects. Only 1cm of incision is required that minimizes the scar for quick recovery. 

The new material of Elastic Lifting, Elasticum, creates natural movement with en-grafted weaving technique. It is soft as subcutaneous fat that has elasticity and works as ligament for the long lasting effect. The thread will be absorbed after in about 3 weeks after the surgery done. It also works as ligament tissue which will provide rejuvenation effect.

The silicone used for Elasticum thread has strong elasticity but it doesn't disturb skin movement. It is surrounded by tufted polyester like weaved net for high elasticity effect and stable tissue bonding effect.  The polyester itself also has high tensile strength and soft surface but has elastic restoring force control which also minimizes the damage of tissue. As said before, Elasticum is not used for face only but also for body parts like breast and hip. 

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