Korean Face Contouring - Corrective Orthodontics After Surgery

As mentioned before about Korean face contouring, Korean best two jaw surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea is standing side by side with Wonjin Dental Clinic to give the best service with the best result for those who just had Korean two jaw surgery. Yes, it is said that it is the best option to have corrective orthodontics to maintain the correct aesthetic and functional benefits of surgery after the Korean two jaw surgery. Wonjin's orthodontics after surgery are absolutely required for safe healing and satisfactory results.

Wait, why the orthodontics should be done after the surgery not before the surgery? Yes, before corrective orthodontics would be done first before the two jaw surgery but it would need longer time as the first corrective would be done in one and a half year before the two jaw surgery then another six months is needed to continue the procedure which needs approximately two years for both corrective orthodontics procedure and Korean two jaw surgery. But now, only six to ten months needed to do both! Shorter period and more efficient right? Korean two jaw surgery would be done first then followed by the corrective orthodontics. The duration of the procedure may be vary due to each patients' conditions. Simply talking, if you have surgery before you get corrective orthodontics then you only need to get braces one time. However, if you previously had braces and then you get two jaw surgery, you will have to get corrective orthodontics again which equals 2 times total.

So what is the relation of two jaw surgery and corrective orthodontics? Korean best two jaw surgery and similar jaw surgeries move the jaw placement and therefore require healing for the corrected jaw. In this process, the upper and lower jaws as well as tooth bite must be secured through corrective orthodontics. After thorough consultation and careful analysis of individual status and condition, the correct orthodontic device is selected to give the best results. 

Wonjin’s Postoperative Orthodontics Key Points

1. A variety of selection in orthodontic devices
After surgery we have more than one kind of corrective orthodontic device. We offer customized orthodontics depending on the individual to get you the most satisfactory results.

2. Over 25 years of corrective orthodontics experience
Our team has over 25 years of corrective orthodontics experience. We have much know-how that can only be gained from expert research and dedication. Our orthodontics will get you the results you want.

3. Total Cooperative Care
After surgery we have cooperation from the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic, orthodontic clinic, and plastic surgery clinic to provide accurate status checks and treatment.

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