Korean Best Two Jaw Surgery, About the Surgery

We talked about why choosing the Korean best two jaw surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea before. Why dont we take a look more bout the two jaw surgery itself?

If you have jaw and mandible problems such as long face, jutting chin, and other facial asymmetries; Wonjin's maxillofacial or jaw surgery corrects both upper and lower jaws. In addition to improving jaw functions, two jaw surgery (maxillofacial surgery) also improves overall facial appearance. Specifically, this procedure can brighten your appearance while bringing a youthful effect to your face. This two jaw surgery is more likely recommended for those who have long front chin or jutting chin, flat face which lacks of volume, protruding mouth (called by bimaxillary prognathism), short/retreated/receding chin, wide face, intensive smile line or asymmetrical face and dissatisfied with their current face shape or contour.

Jutting Chin
A protruding jaw or protruding mouth that makes the face look relatively longer.
korean best two jaw surgery wonjin

Long Face
An out of proportion facial length.
korean best two jaw surgery wonjin

Asymmetry of the face
A face that is unbalanced due to asymmetrically developed facial bone among other causes.
korean best two jaw surgery wonjin

Protruding mouth
A protruding mouth in relation to the teeth and gum line.
korean best two jaw surgery wonjin

There are two methods for two jaw surgery at Korean best two jaw surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery. First is IVRO. It is a method of two jaw surgery where IVRO vertically fractures the back part of the jaw mandible. It avoids using plate or wire fixation to enable natural functioning of the jaw after the procedure which minimizing the patient' inconvenience. By controlling the incision-line on the lower jaw, it also brings out a slim facial contour effect. The next one is SSRO. The lower jaw mandible is fractured near the molar, fractures into two plates and then fixated. This method is also known for its short recovery period which people mostly prefer. It is because wide contact surface of the bone helps the bones itself to heal together faster. The postoperative mouth-fixation period is also short.
Korean best two jaw surgery clinic, Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea has more than one method available of fixation methods. Through a talk during the consultation, Wonjin will recommend you the best fixation method, which will help you to recover even faster, based on Wonjin's more than 19 years experience. This fast recovery will help you to breath easier, able to eat solid food, even you'll be able to communicate real soon. 
The first method is Complete Fixation Method. It fixates jaws (between the maxilla) and ties the upper and lowe teeth together. With this method, you'll only be able to breath through nose and only 10% of average respiration is available. And since you can't yet open your mouth up, you can only eat using straw's help between the teeth. This is the method that requires recovery period the longest. You won't be able to communicate for a while and have to wait for some time to be able to daily activity after the surgery. This method is available for all two jaw surgery cases.
Next is Self Fixation Method. This method is the way more convenient than the first one because it partially fixates using rubber band which can be freely fixate and unfix. Unlike the first method, this method allows you to breathe through both nose and mouth. You'll also be able to eat through mouth and it means your mouth can be used to communicate freely and return to your daily activity soon after the surgery. 
Last method is No Fixation Method. It might the most convenient one. It has no fixation that allows you to breath through both mouth and nose, eat through mouth and communicate freely. But the most important thing here is, this method is not available for all cases of two jaw surgery.
korean best two jaw surgery wonjin

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