Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery

Still not sure where to get your breast surgery done?
Wonjin, Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital, is the right answer then.

breast surgery specialized hospital wonjin

Why Wonjin?
Wonjin Plastic Surgery is already known for its experience in breast surgery where people all over the world including the celebrities visit over to get their breast surgery done. The latest technology and clean environment is a plus point why the patients choose Wonjin Plastic Surgery. That's why Wonjin Plastic Surgery doesn't stop to upgrade the facilities and technologies they have and keep maintaining the good facilities they had already. 

Most female patients don't want to be examined by male doctors. Don't worry, the Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery prepares female doctors who will assist them from the consultation till the end. It will be more comfortable for them to talk and consult about the related topic instead of male doctors right? 

Wonjin Plastic Surgery also only use safe implants which approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) whereas the authentic implants will not rupture with 1 ton of pressure and even if it burst, the content won't leak. 

Wonjin has breast screening system where examination for breast cancer, blood, heart rate, and x-ray is available at the hospital. Also a breast endoscopy, a process to prevent infection and hardening of the breast tissue, nerves, and veins while locating the exact position of the implant site, using a head lamp and an endoscope.

breast surgery specialized hospital wonjin

Breast surgery is mostly about size, whether it's making it bigger or smaller. Wonjin Plastic Surgery is using the sizer that is custom designed directly. A sizer with right shape and size is very important for the higher satisfaction of patients.

After the surgery, to prevent hardening, ultrasound, massaging, and scar care are provided in clinic as the personalized care system. Not only that, anesthesiologists are available everyday so the patients can have a consultation with anesthesia specialist before the surgery as well. Why? Because Wonjin is using custom anesthesia for each patient. As well as the after care system, Wonjin is using a customized pain after care system. 30 different kinds of blood and health exams are also available in the clinic.

Look at the result here.

Are you still questioning Wonjin Plastic Surgery?
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The Breast Surgery Specialized Hospital, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is waiting for you!

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